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Introducing HIRO

Revolutionizing the world of medical research and healthcare innovation.

Who We Are

Mass General Brigham’s Hospital Integrated Research Organization (HIRO) is committed to translating medical discoveries into practice, improving patient outcomes, and driving efficiency in the healthcare ecosystem. HIRO is a data-informed research accelerator for industry and government sponsors. Our offering spans all phases of novel therapeutic and device development—from early-stage R&D to post-market analysis. We’re focused on bringing our expert clinician-investigators and research sponsors together to collaboratively deliver cost-effective, quality clinical trials faster.

Mass General Brigham’s two academic medical centers (AMCs) and 16 member institutions encompass a range of top-tier health care organizations to serve our diverse patients and communities with accessible, equitable, and innovative care.

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Adapting to Meet Evolving Medical Research Needs

Paving the Path to Patient-Centered Care

HIRO is dedicated to translational research by converting clinical research into improved health outcomes for patients.

Designing Studies with Clinical Data

We provide researchers with comprehensive health data services to help inform their study designs, from feasibility to enrollment.

Advancing Equity and Diversity

We’re building a national network of leading AMCs to strengthen how we serve diverse and equitable patient populations.

Platform for Innovation

HIRO is designed to innovate, leveraging our network of experts to collaborate with sponsors to implement technology and process improvements quickly.

Built on Mass General Brigham’s world-recognized leadership in research and innovation

Research- infused care sets Mass General Brigham apart. Our researchers changing the world are also providing care. As a national leader in innovation, our patient-centered mentality and systemwide collaborative approach are the keys to research breakthroughs that drive medical innovation, gain new knowledge, and improve patient outcomes.

As a world-recognized leader in research, Mass General Brigham is home to the largest hospital system-based research medical center in the U.S., with an annual research budget of over $2.3 billion. Here, our researchers and clinicians are conducting thousands of studies in every major medical therapeutic and technology discipline.

Mass General Brigham comprises five nationally ranked academic medical centers (AMCs) and 16 member institutions, encompassing a wide spectrum of healthcare organizations. This includes top-tier specialty hospitals as well as those serving rural areas, all dedicated to providing accessible, equitable, and innovative care to our diverse patient population and communities.

Mass General Brigham at a glance

>$2 billion Annual Research and Academic Funding

Mass General Brigham System

  • 12 Acute & Specialty Hospitals
  • 5 Harvard-affiliated Teaching Hospitals
  • 22 Urgent Care Centers
  • 28 Rehabilitation Locations
  • 5 Community Health Centers

Our Patients

  • 2.6 million Patients
  • 140 Different Countries

Largest Private Employer in Massachusetts

  • 7,500 Physicians
  • 15,020 Nurses
  • 82,000 Total Employees

Our Key Features

Multimodal Data Platform

Our extensive data is comprised of over 10 million unique longitudinal patient records from 16 institutions including specialty and community hospitals, a rehabilitation network, and urgent care.

Data Applications

  • Longitudinal data sets
  • Retrospective studies
  • Algorithm development and validation based on Machine Learning Models

Study Design

  • Hypothesis Generation
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Population health insights

Trial Execution

  • Prospective studies
  • Cohort development
  • PI matching and site selection

Our Services

Streamlined and Cost-Effective Study Startup

Say goodbye to lengthy paperwork and administrative hurdles. The HIRO platform simplifies the entire study startup process, from contracting to IRB approval, saving valuable time and resources. Maximize your research budget with our cost-effective trial management solutions, backed by data-driven optimization.

Data-Driven Insights for Patient-Centric Study Designs and Performance

Harness the power of data with our expert data scientists and analysts to make informed decisions from the get-go. Tailor your trial design with patient-centric insights, motivating patients to enroll and remain engaged. Access comprehensive data sets, predictive analytics, and real-time monitoring to optimize study designs, cohort identification and site selection to optimize clinical trial enrollment and performance. HIRO actively monitors study performance to identify and remediate issues when studies face enrollment struggles.

Collaborative Workflows

Foster collaboration among research teams, sponsors, and sites through our secure, cloud-based platform, facilitating seamless communication and document sharing. Our dedicated team meets regularly with sponsors to coordinate data analyses, feasibility studies, protocol design, PI engagement, IRB approval, study performance monitoring, and other research activities.

Site and PI Identification

Get connected with leading research clinicians and study sites using data-driven criteria to enhance patient recruitment strategies and trial success rates. HIRO coordinates multi-site studies in partnership with our national AMC network, leveraging common data standards (i2b2 and OMOP) to ensure diverse, representative patient populations. We work with sponsors and study teams to ensure all patients have access to clinical research.


One of the biggest challenges facing the life science industry as precision medicine grows is how to improve patient identification and enrollment for clinical trials. This is not simply a data issue, but it’s a data+process+people issue. The partnership between AZ and MGB with HIRO is transforming the way AZ works directly with one of our most valuable clinical trial sites. We are already seeing early signs of success across multiple phase III clinical trial programs with MGB HIRO demonstrating:

  1. reduced time of site set-up,
  2. improved visibility into pre-enrollment activities, and
  3. improved visibility into specific patient cohorts.

We are improving the way we work together, which we believe will improve the way we conduct clinical trials, enhancing our reach and the science behind our life-changing medicines

Abby Staible, PA-C
Director, Digital Health Transformation, AstraZeneca

The HIRO team has truly been a pleasure to work with! Our study took place extremely smoothly and was handled very professionally by all involved on our collective team!

Jehan Alladina, MD
MGH Pulmonology

I would like to add my deep gratitude and warmest congratulations to this wonderful team for bringing this project to successful completion. We could not have launched or completed this study without HIRO’s support. It’s been a privilege to work with each one of you, and I look forward to additional opportunities in the future to work together.

Peter Moschovis, MD, MPH
MGH Pediatric Pulmonology

I’ve participated in research before but have never benefited like I am now.

HIRO-managed Study Participant